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Orthotics can help improve your foot alignment, structure, and function.  For patients recovering from lower extremity or low back injuries or looking to prevent injury, orthotics are typically recommended.  At Leonardo Physical Therapy, we offer 2 types of orthotics: 

Custom Permanent Orthotics

When fitting you for this premium orthotic  we will take a plaster mold of your foot which will be sent to a 3rd party orthotic lab where your custom hard shell orthotic will be fabricated. Your therapist will determine what corrections you will benefit from and include this in the final manufacturing of your orthotics.

Price includes plaster molding, Orthotics, and fitting. $325


Warm and form Temporary Orthotics


A heat molded orthotic that we customize in the clinic. These are most often used for people who may only need orthotics temporarily while they are healing from an injury or for children whose feet are still growing. 

Price includes heat molding of the orthotic and the actual orthotic. $100

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