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When a physical condition or injury affects mobility or quality of life, there is one goal: A rapid return to every-day activities.

Leonardo Physical Therapy is excited to offer MLS Laser Therapy as an additional tool to help you get better faster.

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy is an advanced laser technology that works to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in the body in a painless and non-invasive way. It is safe, effective, and has no known side-effects! Laser therapy has been cleared by the FDA since 2009.

How Does MLS Laser Therapy Work

MLS Laser Therapy utilizes 2 specific wavelengths of infrared light that can penetrate deep into the tissue to stimulate regeneration at the cellular level. This allows for deeper penetration without the production of heat allowing for faster healing of injuries and damaged tissue. This is the only multi-wave locked system, dual wave, fully robotic laser therapy system on the market.

Leonardo Physical Therapy is the first privately owned clinic in Massachusetts to own this technology!

We are proud to be at the medical technological forefront by offering MLS Laser Therapy. We have invested in the very best technology as a key component of our continuing quest to help you “Recapture your Life”.

Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy:

  • Rapidly Reduces Pain

  • Accelerated Tissue Repair, Production of ATP, and Cell Growth

  • Strong Anti-Inflammatory

  • Increased Metabolic Activity in the Cells

  • Improves Blood Circulation

  • Trigger Point Relief

  • Reduced Scar Tissue Formation

  • Improve Nerve Function

  • Faster Wound Healing

  • Faster recovery from Strains and Sprains

What Can You Expect from Your MLS Laser Therapy Treatment Appointment?

There is little to no sensation felt during the treatment session. The length of a typical treatment session is 10 to 15 minutes. However, it depends on the size of the area being treated. Treatments are usually received 2-3 times a week. The typical course of treatment is between 6-12 visits.

What Can You Expect After Your MLS Laser Therapy Treatment Appointments?

You may feel improvement in your condition after 1 to 3 treatments. For some more chronic conditions, it may take up to 6 visits to feel the benefits of laser therapy. Not everyone responds to laser therapy in the same way. Many patients have seen long-term results as MLS Laser Therapy treats the root of your pain and inflammation rather than just masking or covering up your symptoms.

Can it be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes, MLS Laser Therapy is sometimes more effective when combined with other forms of treatments including physical therapy and following surgery.

Contact us to schedule your laser treatments.

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