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Now Offering Class IV Laser Therapy

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From our highly trained and experienced clinicians to our supportive administrative staff, our goal is to provide our patients with excellent care in an environment of competence, support, and encouragement. The team at Leonardo Physical Therapy endeavor to help all our patients especially the challenging cases, the tough ones. Bring us your hope and we will help you take back your life.

Dedicated to getting you back in your game, your occupation, your life.

Injuries happen. It's just a fact of life, but your recovery need not be as painful as the injury. Whether it is to regain lost abilities due to longstanding pain, return to gainful employment after an occupational injury or to recover from a surgical procedure or sports injury, our highly experienced staff is dedicated to you. We will work hard with you so you can achieve your goals and get back to what you love doing and need to do.

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